Adult/Senior Groups

Adult / Senior Group Programs

Experience the End of the Oregon Trail in Historic Oregon City with a historically-clothed interpreter to guide your group through the exhibits.

Included with your tour are our two feature films, “Oregon’s First People” and “Bound for Oregon”.

Oregon’s First People is our newest film. Oregon’s First People is narrated by Cheryl Kennedy, Chairwoman of the Grande Ronde Tribes of Western Oregon. Oregon’s First People details the devastating effects that resulted from settlers coming to Oregon. Oregon’s First people also guides viewers of the restoration being done to reclaim the traditions and heritage of the Grand Ronde Tribes.

Bound for Oregon is a feature film that traces the true stories of four pioneers making their way to Oregon. Elizabeth Dixon Smith, John Minto, Lucy Henderson, and Joel Palmer came from different backgrounds, and were motivated by different goals, but all faced the hardships and the joys of the Trail. Hear their experiences in their own words – taken from their journals and letters – interwoven with the narration of John McLoughlin, the Father of Oregon.

In addition to the interpretive center, our site has many more great features we hope you will enjoy. Historic Abernethy Green is perfect for picnics, and the visitor lounge is a state welcome center with complimentary coffee, tea, travel brochures, and assistance from friendly staff who can help you plan the rest of your adventure.

Standard Adult/Senior Program: 1 hour guided tour of the museum by a historically clothed interpreter. $300 minimum for 20 adults. $15 per each additional adult.