Genealogy Program

The End of the Oregon Trail is currently developing a genealogy research center.

The history of the Oregon Trail had a profound impact on the shaping of Oregon’s culture and identity. In recognition of this rich pioneer heritage and its legacy still at work in our society today, The End of the Oregon Trail is developing a genealogy research center. Free with admission, guests are welcome to access and other online resources through the genealogy computer in the third wagon of the exhibit. Gain access to research resources, learn tips, and share your family story here. To make the most of your visit, be sure to gather any information you have before arriving in the genealogy center: names, dates, locations, every bit helps!

Some of our favorite online resources are:

Bureau of Land Management – search and view the land claims of Oregon Trail pioneers

The Oregon Territory and its Pioneers – Genealogy and family history website devoted to Oregon Territory pioneer families and history, including lists of pioneers of various wagon trains, by year.

Genealogical Forum of Oregon – search through the vast collection of information of every kind

Oregon State Secretary Archives – search through the Early Oregonians Database

Oregon Historical Society – Genealogy resources include research library collections, workshops and events. Library catalog is online.

Clackamas County Historical Society Library – Family histories and genealogies, newspaper clippings, books on Northwest history

FamilySearch Oregon Online Genealogy Records – Links to additional family history and genealogy information.

StoryCorps – Record and share family stories using the StoryCorps mobile app and guide to great questions to ask.

Historical Newspapers and Indexes – Links to historic newspapers by state, including Oregon.

Download free family tree and genealogy templates here