Mission Statement

It is the mission of Clackamas Heritage Partners to preserve the heritage, educate the public, and interpret the history of the Oregon Territory, Clackamas County, and Oregon City, the Western Terminus of the Oregon Trail.

Upcoming Projects

-New exhibit “First Steps of the Overland Journey: Guidebooks, Companies, and Wagon Trains”. This display will help visitors understand the complex and important preparations all pioneers had to make before their journey by looking at competing guidebooks and wagon train organizations that attempted to educate the often inexperienced travelers.

-Historically-accurately dressed mannequins will put history in a touchable medium that will help visitors visually immerse themselves in the 19th Century.

-New 30-minute feature film sharing the perspective of the Native Americans, how westward migration changed their lifeways, and how they have continued those traditions into the future.

Ongoing Projects

Say hello to Weston and Howdy, two of our oxen statues. Zeus and Hercules are the other two oxen, and we are looking forward to adding more animal figures in the future!

-The Overland Journey Interpretive Trail is the site of guided tours offered for the first time summer 2019. Visitors of all ages enjoyed interactive tours that shared the pioneer experience. Life-size oxen statues, panoramic banners, a model of Independence Rock, landscaping, and grading of an ADA-compliant trail made this experience possible.

If you would like to be a part of our mission, we are always working on an exciting development project that could use your support!

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